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September 11, 2019
Chicago Pneumatic Air screw Compressor CPA10TMD
January 28, 2020
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Chicago Pneumatic Air Screw Compressor CPM7TMD

270,000.00 253,000.00

Chicago Pneumatic Air Screw Compressor CPM7TMD


CPM Screw Compressor ranges from a 3-7.5 HP compact air compressor which is ideal for tire shops, paint shops, automotive dealerships and related verticals. The tank-mounted compressor with dryer is tailored to installations that need to produce compressed air with a low dew point. With excellent performance results the compressor assure reliability and longer life as compared to that of a piston compressor and thus give quality compressed air.

Compact Dimensions

Ideal for tire shops, maintenance shops, vehicle body or paint shops and automotive dealerships, the CPM can offer you a complete unit (with dryer and 200L receiver) on just 1m². You can fit it easily to any free space without trouble.

Quiet Operation

Generously sized sound insulation. With rotary screw technology the CPM compressor creates low noise without disturbing the working environment. Thus the CPM compressor can ideally be placed at most of the workplaces without any disturbance.


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